Options for WebMasters

A quiz or a set of jokes can be a real attraction on a website, providing a pleasant interactive experience and opportunities to encourage repeat visits.

However not everyone is able to perform the sometimes complex programming which can be necessary to provide them.

At QuizU we have the expertise to do this and more. Depending on your needs there are a number of ways we can help you.

  • You could sponsor a quiz or a joke set on the QuizU website. We will advertise your sponsorship, using your banner if required, provide a reverse link to your website, provide you with usage statistics and advertise the quiz in a 'featured' quiz spot. (Example)
  • You can link to a QuizU quiz or joke set and display it as if it were a page on your own website. The entry level link option displays the QuizU brand but we also offer unbranded options where you can use your own branding.
  • We also build quizzes or joke sets to order so if you have an idea for a quiz or joke set which you would like to discuss, just contact us.
  • Our researchers can create the quiz questions and answers for you or you can provide your own.
  • Please for further details.